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“Taos Dental Group is super friendly, kind and attentive. I definitely recommend them for anyone needing a second opinion, a check up or serious work done. My teeth health has improved immensely.”
Claire B

Do you prefer all-natural, homeopathic remedies? If so, holistic dentistry could be right for you. At Taos Dental Group, we love to provide our patients with a variety of options for pain relief and treatment that go far beyond a pharmacy prescription.

We can help you naturally treat:

  • Bruising and soreness of mouth tissue or gums
  • Nerve pain and sensitivity
  • Soreness following an injection
  • Bone trauma or pain
  • Fear, stress, or anxiety
  • Mouth abrasions, cuts, or ulcers
  • Pain following an extraction

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We believe in the power of holistic medicine and have provided natural remedies for hundreds of our dental patients. Contact Taos Dental Group to schedule your appointment today.

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