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Taos Dental Group Recommends Homeopathic Treatments

Bruising of Tissue, Sore Tooth, or Trauma to the Mouth


Recommended for any procedure that might cause pain, bleeding, or bruising. It can be taken after tooth extractions, gum surgeries or cleaning, and any drilling procedure.  It has been called “the dentist’s best friend” because of its wide range of dental applications. It can also help with tooth pain prior to seeing a dentist. It can also help strengthen the body prior to dental extractions. Dosage 30X.

Nerve Pain or Sensitive Teeth After a Restoration


Is indicated for any procedure that may cause injury to nerves such as root canals, extractions, shots, and sensitive fillings. Dosage is 30X.

Sore Area After an Injection


Works well after dental shots and stinging bug bites.

Bone Trauma or Bone Pain

Ruta Graveolens

Recommended dose is after any facial injury or trauma to the bone. It also helps to treat dry sockets. Dosage 30X for 1 to 2 days.

Fear, Nervousness, Stress, and Anxiety


Nervous and fearful patients can take a dose the night before and the day of the appointments. Dosage 30X. It tends to work best on patients who get constipated when stressed


It works just like Aconite. 30X Dosage.  It works best on patients who get diarrhea when nervous. It has also worked to improve flu symptoms.

Sore Gums, Teething, Severe Tooth Ache, Enhancing and Antidoting Local Anesthesia


It can be taken before an appointment to enhance the numbing process. It can be taken every 15 minutes after the appointment to help the numbness wear off almost 50% faster. Dosage 30X six to ten pills.

Abrasions, Cuts or Ulcers in the Mouth


Is useful for herpes, canker sores, oral lesions, after cleanings or gum treatment. It can be made into a lotion by putting a half cup Calendula into a cup of water. The lotion can be applied to the sore with a cotton applicator. We have a 2oz rinse that works well for many of out patients.

Treatment After Extraction of a Tooth Especially a Wisdom Tooth

Great homeopathic treatment after extraction of a tooth:

10M post extraction of Arnica

place in a pill box Arnica 30X, Ruta 30X, Hyper 30X. Take one of each every 30 minutes or a pill every 10 minutes



Disclaimer. Homeopathy remedies are not regulated by the FDA and there are no set guidelines for use or dosage. This is my effort to research quality homeopathic remedies, indications, and recommended doses.I make no Guarantees of Success. If you have any questions please contact our office. Please do not reproduce with out permission.

Did Your Know?

According to a study by the Gallop Organization and Consumer Reports, dentists are among the top five most trusted professionals.

What do powdered fruit, talc, honey, dried flowers, mice and lizard livers have in common? They have all been ingredients in ancient toothpaste and powder. Yum.

Attention Chocolate Lovers…Many dentists agree raisins can cause more tooth decay than chocolate. Sticky foods such as raisins and dried fruits can stay on the teeth longer and develop more decay.

According to a study at the University of Connecticut, too much toothpaste early in life is responsible for more than 70% of fluorosis cases (staining or mottling of tooth enamel that develops when children swallow fluoridated toothpaste). Although this problem is only cosmetic, it is recommended children under six only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and be reminded to spit it out after brushing.